We are an ecotourism hotel with capacity for up to 40 people, built on a 19th century farm located in the magical town of Zacatlán de las Manzánas in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It is an ideal place for retreats or workshops, as well as for rest, relaxation and enjoyment of nature. It is characterized by its ecological rustic style since it is built with natural materials or recycled from the surroundings, respecting the fauna and flora that surrounds it. It has a system for collecting rainwater, solar heaters, bio-constructions, as well as a bio-pool and its orchards and farm are organic pesticide-free or chemical-free.



In Xic Xanac you can find quality accommodation and comfort without losing contact with nature. We offer double and family cabins, comfortable rooms inside the main house, as well as rooms in the tapanco of the house, for those who want a relaxed and different style.


Our services


Xic Xanac is inclined to offer exquisite gourmet VEGETARIAN food as well as typical dishes of the region and Mexican specialties prepared with local and organic products from both the pesticide-free Xic Xanac orchard and other producers in the region.


We also offer MASSAGE services that seek the detoxification and relaxation of the body through physical stimulation to the muscles and the main organs and glands. These massages are provided by qualified personnel with extensive experience.


TEMAZCALLI means "steam house" in Nahuatl. Its origins go back to pre-Hispanic times. The use of this native bath has purifying medicinal and spiritual purposes.



Ask for our services "Tour" where you can know the magic of Zacatlán and Chignahuapan. We also have bicycle rental so you can explore the area and enjoy the best views.



See & Do


Xic Xanac can be a lovely space to share the most memorable moments with family and friends. The dimensions of the complex allow to have the ceremony, the reception, the banquet and the dance in different scenarios or locations within Xic Xanac. In addition to being able to host a large part of relatives and guests without having to travel to other hotels in the vicinity.

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Retreats and Workshops

At Xic Xanac we have everything you need to make your workshop or retreat a magical and unforgettable experience.

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Esta de ensueño el lugar es hermoso, las habitaciones muy limpias, siempre con flores naturales en ellas, el personal muy atento, la comida deliciosa!!! "Eva Cañez"